Southern States DanceSport Championships
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March 31st - April 5th, 2015 (click for map)

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Event Location:
The Ritz-Carlton (New Orleans, LA)

Organizer Contact:
1-888-684-7717 / (941) 753-7940
Fax: (941) 753-7948

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We need your help... It is virtually impossible for us to provide optimal service if information is not presented to us in a timely manner. We MUST have your adherence to deadlines and deposit requirements if we are to secure reservations, meals, awards, etc. on your behalf - and at our advertised prices. For those individuals who find themselves in the unfortunate position of being latecomers, we recommend you call for reservation and price availability prior to submission. Please, secure reservations as early as possible.


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Cancellations and Refunds

1. All deposits and entry fees are nonrefundable so as to cover the expenses associated with processing and/or reprocessing information. 2. Cancellation of any kind (i.e. tickets, room nights, packages, etc.) made 72 hours prior to arrival are nonrefundable. A cancellation of a "Paid in Full" package is nonrefundable if cancelled two weeks prior to the event. 3. Cancellations due to injury or illness, substantiated by a valid medical report, shall be taken into consideration with regard to a hardship case credit or refund. It is important to note, should a credit or refund be awarded Dance Consultants Unlimited, Inc. is entitled to retain a processing fee and/or costs already inucrred. 4. Acts of God, war, strikes, government regulations, disasters, civil unrest, labor disputes, transportation availability, shortage of materials or any other emergency making it inadvisable or impossible to provide the facility and/or services associated with the production of a ballroom dance event do not pose a refund situation. 5. Any student, professional, studio owner, or spectator making a claim, dispute, or nonpayment requiring Dance Consultants Unlimited, Inc. to hire legal council shall be held solely liable and responsible for the cost of said legal council and any and all associated fees arising thereof.

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